11 Black Exterior Trim Design Ideas

Date: December 5, 2023 Category: Tips

When we think of exterior home design, many imagine muted earth tones or traditional white finishes. For those who dare to go beyond the conventional design choices you typically see in most television shows and design blogs, black exterior trim might be the perfect option for you!

11 Inspiring Black Exterior Trim Designs

Black is not just a color — it’s a statement, an attitude and an aesthetic revolution. It has the ability to instantly elevate a home’s exterior design and black trim has become an unexpected favorite for homeowners and designers alike. 

That’s why we decided to compile this comprehensive list of eleven black exterior trim design ideas that will change your understanding of exterior home design and its possibilities. Let’s dive in!

1. Rustic Meets Chic

Black Exterior Trim Designs

Russin – Thermory 

This gorgeous home embodies the potential of using black trim and carrying it through your home’s rustic design. The black roof material fits seamlessly with the black window trim to create a lot of contrast that really pulls this design together. Plus, the warm hues of the woodgrain and the warm outdoor lighting add a ton of dimension.

2. Black and Grey Combo

Black and Grey Combo Exterior Trim Designs

Russin – Thermory  

If you’re curious what a home exterior in greyscale might look like, look no further! This home design pairs the soft, multi-hued grey home exterior with black trim and accents for a breathtaking final look. We especially love the use of the black window décor and matching light fixture.

3. Create a Bold Statement

The picture depicts a white a-line roof house with black detailing. There is a gray stone driveway and a grass front yard.

Russin – Thermory 

The owner of this home was going for a bold design, and they succeeded! The combination of the bright white exterior siding and the black doorway, roof, chimney and garage creates such a stark contrast that it’s almost hard to look away! This is a perfect example of what you can do with black-and-white color blocking.

4. Modern with Traditional Flair

The picture depicts one corner of a modern cedar home with black paneling surrounding the windows and doors. There is a stone deck with two different seating areas and plants.

Russin – Western Red Cedar 

This beautiful modern home is a picture-perfect example of what you can do with black exterior trim in a contemporary setting. Everything from the windows and gorgeous black window trim to the woodgrain furnishing and the black railings creates an ideal place to sit and visit with friends and family in a chic and comfortable setting.

5. Unique Ceiling Décor

The picture depicts the underside of a roof with wood paneling and recessed light fixtures built in.

Russin – Real Cedar  

There’s just something so unique about designers who put the effort into creating unique and beautiful ceiling décor. The black exterior trim creates the perfect contrast for the woodgrain features that make the ceiling decor stand out even more.

6. Material Combinations

The picture depicts a tan tri-toned house in a forest setting. There are two garages and a concrete driveway.

Russin – UFP Edge

Say hello to material combinations like you’ve never seen before. You can pair black exterior trim with almost anything, and this home design proves that. The grey wooden siding, beautiful stone layers and black exterior trim come together to create the perfect modern home.

7. Traditional Décor

The picture shows a white house with five large square windows and a wood-trimmed doorway. The front yard consists of grass and a walkway to the front door lined with small bushes. Russin – UFP Edge 

This is the ideal example of using black exterior trim to highlight a more traditionally styled home. The white wooden exterior and grey features pair perfectly with the black trim along the roof and windows to create contrast without stealing attention. The black detail is a subtle yet impactful touch for a traditional home!

8. Lots of Windows

The picture depicts a modern home with large windows. The wood home is lined with black exterior trim and has a black roof.

Russin – UFP Edge

As super fans of modern home design, we love a home with beautiful, large windows and this house does not disappoint. The black exterior trim, black roof and gorgeous wood grain siding are the icing on the cake that makes this home design one of our favorites on this list!

9. Stone, Woodgrain and Black Trim

The picture depicts a modern two-story home that consists of color blocking of three different materials. The home has black trim throughout the exterior.

Russin – UFP Edge 

Here’s another example of color blocking, except we’re seeing it in a unique composition — pairing the stone layers with wooden siding and gorgeous black exterior trim. We especially love the mirrored garage with black trim and how it really captures the eye. Black trim is the perfect solution for tying together color blocking using different materials.

10. The Cabin Aesthetic

The picture depicts a modern, cabin-style home with a large exterior entrance structure and several unique windows. There is a front yard with mulch, grass and a walkway.

Russin – UFP Edge 

If you’re going for something in the cabin or cottage aesthetic, you might think black exterior trim doesn’t really fit — but you’d be wrong! This is a perfect example of how you can pair black exterior trim with dark wood grain for a breathtaking exterior home design.

11. A Black and White Bombshell

The picture depicts the front of a white house with black detailing and trim. There are four windows and a front yard with grass and plants.

Russin – Azek Captivate 

Here’s another home that uses the black-and-white combination, but we absolutely had to include it! The black roofing, white exterior and gorgeous windows create a beautiful and modern take on a timeless classic. 

Embrace the Boldness of Black Exterior House Trim

The resurgence of black as a key color in exterior design isn’t just a fleeting trend — it’s a testament to its elegance and power to redefine design boundaries while embodying boldness and confidence.

If you’re looking to embark on your own journey into the bold world of black exterior trim, Russin has your back. With a curated selection of high-quality products and an expert team ready to guide you, turning your design vision into a reality has never been easier.

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