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Get a better finish than can be achieved in the field. From protective coatings to different colors, call us to see how we can help get the best finish for your boards!

Custom Finishing for the Exact Look You Want

If you've been dreaming of a specific color, stain, or texture, our finishing experts can help make those dreams come true. Factory finishing offers unmatched consistency and customization for your materials. Our on-site facility is equipped with specialty equipment to ensure even, steady application of your desired finish across every board. These machines apply your coating to all sides of the board, achieving better consistency than could ever be achieved by hand. Best yet, by protecting all sides of the product, you’ll get a much more durable, long-lasting finish than is ever possible with field finishing. We offer an enormous variety of finishes, with the ability to mix and match them for endless options. From large multi-family projects to single-family renovations, our factory finishing services are available for jobs of all sizes. We take extra care to make sure every board we send out into the world looks perfect - exactly the way you expect it to. With Russin factory finishing, you can always get the look you want.

Certified Applicators of Leading Brands

We’re proud to be certified applicators of both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products. This means that they’ve visited our facilities and we’ve been trained in proper application of their products. Because of this status, we’re able to offer finishes from these companies at a factory discounted rate. If you prefer a finish from a different brand, we’re happy to use the product of your choice.

Many coatings are available with manufacturer warranties that Russin happily honors:


15 years, when one coat of approved Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams topcoat is applied over conforming primer according to label instructions under a factory-controlled setting by an Authorized Factory Finisher to all sides of clean, dry lumber (15% moisture content or less).


25 years, when two coats of approved Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams topcoat are applied over conforming primer according to label instructions under a factory-controlled setting by an Authorized Factory Finisher to all sides of clean, dry lumber (15% moisture content or less). 25 year warranty can also be achieved with a field-applied topcoat after primer and initial topcoat are applied at Russin Factory Finishing.

All the Primers, Paints, and Stains You Need

We offer a full range of finishing products. If it's possible, we can make it a reality. From primers to solid colors to transparent and semi-transparent stains, your options are endless. 

PRIMING & TOPCOATING Whether you just want primed boards ready for painting or you want your boards shipped primed and topcoated in the color of your choice, we're ready! Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer a mind-boggling number of topcoats, so the only limit is your imagination.

STAINING From protective transparent/translucent coats to subtle semi-transparent stains to bold semi-solid stains, we can help your wood products achieve exactly the amount of opacity you desire, letting the natural color shine or enhancing it with the stain of your choice. 

OILING If you choose to let your wood go au naturale, we highly recommend pre-oiling it to encourage it to stay at its best for as long as possible. Oiling gives the surface a natural sheen, and provides an additional layer of water resistance. Factory oiling allows every exposed surface to be evenly coated prior to installation. 

Meticulous Quality Control

Our custom finishing facility is managed by a true expert with decades of experience and an eye for details. But it's not just about the manager. Every employee in the facility is empowered to ensure each job is being completed to the highest standards. The Russin team of experts is on the front lines of quality control. 

Serving Northeast Builders and Suppliers for Three Generations

 Russin is proud to be family owner and operated since our founding in 1957. Read more our history as a premier supplier of building materials selected to serve the needs of our customers. 

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