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Since our founding in 1957, Russin has been committed to offering the best building materials available to our customers. Through three generations of management, we've continued to grow and adapt to the evolving demands of the building industry, with each new generation forging a path that has kept Russin on the forefront of trends and innovation. After all, we're not just here to sell building materials. We're here to serve as a guide for our customers, from contractors to homeowners to designers, as you search for the best products for your project. We keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, and carefully curate a selection of products and brands that bridge the gap between innovation and function, across a broad spectrum of prices, aesthetics, and materials. We're proud to have exclusive distribution of some of the most in-demand brands in the world, and have invested in ensuring our staff are true experts within the industry. We know that "best" means something different for every project - and we're committed to helping you make the right choice. This commitment led the way to some significant changes in the business in 2020. As Russin Lumber Corp. expanded, the need for a name to represent the variety of building materials we carry arose. Russin Lumber Corp. became, simply, Russin. Though the name has changed, our commitments to offering the best building materials available and support in your decision-making process have not. Decide on the best with Russin. 

The Russin Team

Jordan Russin | Russin Co-President | Russin Leadership Team | New York Building Materials Distributor

Jordan Russin

Jordan joined Russin in 2002, following a stint in the world of journalism. In his early days, he moved from role to role, getting a good feel for nearly every position within the company. As co-president, Jordan has landed in a customer-centered role, taking the wheel on the front lines of sales and specialty products - bringing in many of the premier brands and exclusive products you see in our catalog today. The broad experience he gained in his earlier sales roles allowed him to make important connections within the industry, enabling him to continue to stay on top of burgeoning trends and needs within market segments, and use a global sourcing network to develop in-house specialty brands. Jordan is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of the building materials industry, and leads the company with an eye on the future. Jordan sees Russin as the distribution leader for a new generation of builders, designers, and buyers. 

Adam Russin | Russin Co-President | Russin Leadership Team | New York Building Materials Distributor

Adam Russin

Adam joined Russin in 2008, and quickly set his sights on turning Russin into a lean company - a business that creates additional value to customers through improved efficiencies. Adam knew from a young age that he wanted to work for Russin someday, but his father insisted that he spend at least three years doing something else first. Adam chose advertising sales, and was happy to make the transition to the family company. As co-president, Adam oversees many of the company operations, including purchasing, using his analytical and process-driven mindset to streamline, optimize and improve protocols. Since coming on-board, he has also become a bona fide pine expert - some may even call him a "Pinestein," with particularly expert knowledge in the world of wood. Adam is driven to lead Russin to become a company that utilizes innovation and advanced technology to better serve both customers and employees. 

Barry Russin | Russin Leadership Team | New York Building Materials Distributor | New England Building Materials Distributor

Barry Russin

Barry joined his father in 1972, and led the way in Russin's expansion into new markets, as well as significant internal growth. Barry oversaw the addition of industry-first advances in Southern Yellow Pine distribution, as well as the company expansion into its current facility in Montgomery, NY. Barry had, and continues to have, an entrepreneur's mindset, understanding the need for Russin to constantly evolve its product lines and services to meet the needs of customers. The path carved by Barry created many new opportunities for Russin while staying true to the foundational values that have allowed Russin to continue to serve its customers. 

Leonard Russin | Russin Leadership Team | New York Building Materials Distributor | New England Building Materials Distributor

Leonard Russin

Lenny founded Russin Lumber in 1957. After returning home from WWII, where he earned two bronze stars, he worked as a forklift operator for several years before striking out on his own. Lenny's tenacity and extraordinary work ethic, combined with a unique gift for listening to and responding to his customers' needs, led to him quickly making a mark on the industry and carving out a permanent space as a premier supplier of lumber and other building materials. Lenny's leadership created a nimble, customer-centered business that continues to operate under the same principles of tenacity, hard work, and empathy on which Russin was founded.

Building A Family Vision

Russin has been shaped by each new generation of leadership, but it’s a shared respect that keeps the company moving forward – respect for the industry, respect for the products, respect for the employees, but most of all respect for each other. As a family owned and operated business, it would be easy to fall into complacency. But the Russin family has tenacity in their blood, and the lessons learned from the generations before are a driving force in each decision made.

As Adam and Jordan Russin steer the ship today, they’re quick to tell you that they were set up for success by their father and grandfather. Lenny laid the groundwork for the company, setting a daily example of strength, empathy, and determination. In the beginning stages of Russin, many ventures were tested as they found their footing. Barry’s vision for the future created a well-rounded company with in-house production and a broad catalog of products. As Barry prepared his sons for the future, he first ensured they were well-rounded as people, insisting they both explore other ventures before joining the family company – their leadership roles were not a foregone conclusion.

“Working in a family business brings a set of interesting dynamics,” Adam Russin has said. “Jordan and I work well together because we have different strengths that complement each other. It’s good to have the balance, and to have a reminder that both of our perspectives are valid.”

The Russin family has always allowed individuals to shine. The current management team of Adam and Jordan works well because they’re brothers, not in spite of that. They are both quick to credit the examples and teachings of their father and grandfather for their current success.

“We’re fortunate to have been taught by true visionary leaders who cared about each employee as much as they cared about us,” says Jordan. “It allowed us to learn the right way, without being coddled or told everything is perfect when it isn’t. That created the foundation for long-term success in each of our careers.”

Though Russin is owned by people bearing that surname, the Russin family is considerably larger. Employees have a tendency to stay with the company for decades, because they feel valued and respected. For Russin, the vision of the future has always been rooted in the past.

Russin Lumber Corp. Founded

January 1, 1957

Russin Lumber Corp. is founded as a wholesaler and distributor of wooden staircase materials.

Barry Russin Joins

January 1, 1972

Barry Russin joins the family business and becomes its 6th employee.

New Facility Opens

January 1, 1978

Russin Lumber Corp. moves to a new, larger facility to accommodate expanded in-house services.

Innovation in Pine

January 1, 1980

Russin Lumber Corp. becomes the first wholesaler to have raw Southern Yellow Pine custom treated in the south. Hello, innovation!

Move to Montgomery

January 1, 1988

The current Russin facility is built in Mongomery, NY, with room for expansion.

Factory Finishing Opens

January 1, 1997

Russin begins offering in-house factory finishing to put finished products in the hands of customers.

Jordan Russin Joins

January 1, 2002

Jordan Russin joins the family business. There are now far more than 6 employees.

Adam Russin Joins

January 1, 2008

Adam Russin joins the family business.

Barry Russin Retires

January 1, 2017

Barry Russin announces his retirement. Well, mostly. You may still occasionally catch him in the offices.

Russin Gets a New Name

January 1, 2020

Russin Lumber Corp. becomes, simply, Russin.

Serving Northeast Builders and Suppliers for Three Generations

Russin is proud to be family owner and operated since our founding in 1957.


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