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Enhancing environments through functional design.
Modern Farmhouse Decor | Reclaimed Wood Cladding | Reclaimed Wood Siding
Modern Spruce Cladding | Real Wood Modern Cladding | Loft Wood Cladding
Modern Farmhouse Decor | Reclaimed Wood Cladding | Reclaimed Wood Siding
Modern Spruce Cladding | Real Wood Modern Cladding | Loft Wood Cladding


Enhancing environments through functional design.

Thermory's process modifies each board completely, all the way through to the core, leading to unequalled durability and stability without sacrificing the natural qualities of real wood.

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Thermally Modified Wood with Beauty and Stability to the Core

Thermory wood isn't like other wood - it's better. Thermory is 100% real wood decking, cladding and more with unequalled longevity that comes from their expert thermal modification process. When you need material that sets the bar for rot resistance and dimensional stability but don't want to sacrifice beauty or sustainability, Thermory is the clear choice. Full of innovative installation solutions, on-trend product lines and finishes as well as timeless, classic aesthetics, Thermory offers the durability, workability and stunning beauty your project demands.

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Thermal Modification

Thermory's modification process uses only heat, steam, and wood scientists to create real wood products that are unequalled in rot resistance and dimensional stability without any chemicals or additives.

Innovative Installation

Thermory believes that the best products are also easy to install. Installation systems like PaCS (Press and Click Strips) and JEM Joints cut installation time way down. Plus, the wood is easy on tools.

Sustainable Sourcing

Preservation of natural resources is critical. Thermory sources wood only from naturally renewing forests in Northern Europe and the US - never from rainforests - and is committed to responsible harvesting.


Thermory's expert thermal modification process results in deck boards that are rot resistant to the core, offering up 25+ years of rot resistance and innovative installation solutions.


Thermory interior and exterior cladding* offers unequalled rot resistance and dimensional stability, while bringing the sophistication of real wood to your walls. Choose between bold and classic styles.

Porch Flooring

For a porch floor that resists warping, rot, and insects, but embraces everything there is to love about real wood, Thermory Benchmark Ash porch flooring delivers.


A Thermory sauna is crafted from the world’s best wood for proven rot resistance and an exceptional ability to withstand high temperatures. A smart design perfectly blends rustic charm and modern details with a spacious interior for comfortable standing or sitting. Whether you indulge all by yourself or invite your friends, a Thermory sauna offers the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

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Russin now offers Continuing Education courses (both online and in-person) for architects looking to maintain their accreditation and keep up-to-date with new products and technologies. This includes Thermory USA’s Using Thermally Modified Wood in Building Design course, which covers all aspects of thermal modification, sustainable wood products and how they can be incorporated into a variety of projects.


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