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Pine Boards for Every Need

Finish your project with the allure of timeless pine trim and accents. For generations, Russin has been the go-to supplier of a wide variety of pine products. We’re proud of our extensive inventory and advanced knowledge of the world of softwoods. From knotty grades to 100% clear and everything in between, we carry an incredible assortment of species, products, sizes, grades, and options. If you’re looking for reliable pine boards for any of your building needs, Russin is ready to deliver.

Supreme Eastern White Pine Russin | Eastern White Pine Boards | New York Pine Boards Supplier

Supreme Eastern White Pine

When you want the best of the best, Supreme is how you get it. Supreme is a proprietary grade of Eastern White Pine available only from Russin. It’s selected from finish grade pine and features fewer knots than any similarly-priced pine board on the market, giving you the ultimate bang for your buck. Supreme is kiln-dried for reduced moisture content and a smoother finish, resulting in a versatile board that’s ready to paint or stain.

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Supreme is kiln-dried to 10-12% moisture content, resulting in boards with more rot resistance, more dimensional stability, and a smoother finish. 

Clearer Fiber

Supreme features occasional small black knots without grain tear. Because of Russin's exclusive sourcing, Supreme is the clearest pine board you'll find at our low price point. 

Variety of Lengths

Surpreme comes in a number of lengths and sizes, with lengths stamped onto each board for ease of use. It's the most versatile pine board on the market!

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Eastern White Pine Boards

Eastern White Pine offers the unmistakable beauty of pale pine combined with easy workability, flexibility, and a wide variety of grades. At Russin, we proudly carry a huge inventory of Eastern White Pine grades and products, from finish and appearance grade to standard grades. When you want the ease of pine, Russin is here for you. Our in-house custom milling and finishing is available to ensure your choice of pine delivers exactly what you need. 

Russin carries the following grades and textures of Eastern White Pine stock:

  • RCP
  • D&Btr
  • DFR
  • Supreme
  • Premium
  • Standard

Ponderosa Pine

Ponderosa pine has a creamy color and refined texture that make it an ideal choice for interior and exterior trim, such as windows, doors, moulding, soffits and fascia. Russin carries #2 Ponderosa Pine. This knotty-grade pine offers the rustic look of pine, with sound, tight knots and a lot of personality. Russin offers highly flexible tallies for #2 Ponderosa Pine - we're able to provide boards in nearly any length structure you desire. 

Gorman Elite - ESLP

For furring from a lightweight softwood available with a high strength-to-weight ratio, choose Gorman Elite Engelmann Spruce and Lodgepole Pine.

Gorman Elite is nearly white in color and known for its straight grain. Gorman Elite 1x2 and 1x3 from Russin is created from Engelmann Spruce and Lodgepole Pine boards that have dried slowly and gently, with eased edges for fewer splinters, to result in the finest softwood boards on the market. Gorman Elite has less stain and less edge and face wane, creating an ideal surface for finishing and milling.

New Zealand Radiata Pine Boards

New Zealand Radiata Pine sets the standard for beautiful clear pine. Because of the way it's grown and harvested, New Zealand Radiata Pine is virtually free of defects, allowing you to get the workability and appearance of pine without knots or stains. NZ Radiata Pine is a very light, consistent color that readily accepts stains and finishes. It's easy to paint, but also looks great with a natural stain or finish. Russin is able to offer these boards pulled-to-length, granting you ultimate flexibility to use this stunning material in your project. 

Sterling Idaho White Pine

For a light-colored pine that's a cut above in workability and less likely to split or sliver, Idaho White Pine is a favorite among builders and woodworkers. Idaho White Pine is easy to work with both across and with the grain, has an even texture with little color variation between sapwood and heartwood, and contains very little resin. These traits make it an ideal choice for exterior trim. Sterling grade boards offer a refined knotty appearance, and Russin is able to offer it in a pulled-to-length structure, giving you the flexibility to get exactly what you need from this stunning material. 

Finger Jointed Wide Radiata Pine Boards

Looking for real wood shelving in wider widths? Need to create custom profiles in wood? Fingerjointed edge-glued boards from Russin are available in 1x14, 1x16, 1x18 and 1x24 to give you maximum flexibility. They are ready to prime and paint and are produced with exterior-grade glue for longterm stability both inside and outside the home.

Custom Milling Available!

Don’t see the pattern you need? Wish it was shiplap instead? This product can be custom milled to meet your needs at our in-house facility.

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Factory Finishing Available!

Wood products used outside always benefit from finishing. From oiling to staining or painting, this product can be factory finished at our in-house facility.

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