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The Look of Wood, the Durability of Composite

Deckorators® composite deck boards with innovative, advanced mineral-based composite (MBC) technology offer beautiful, on-trend looks that match any lifestyle and decor. Get the performance you need, with a low-maintenance, long-lasting deck that combines everything you want - alluring appearance, lasting durability, virtually no thermal expansion, and limitless design possibilities. MBC isn't PVC - it's better! We also offer a line of Deckorators wood-plastic composite decking for those looking for a more budget-conscious, but still beautiful and durable, option.

Go beyond ordinary with the unmatched style flexibility of Deckorators, and gain peace of mind from industry-leading warranties - 25-year Structural, 25-year Stain & Fade and 25-year Limited Removal & Replacement for our composite decking and a new 50-year Structural warranty for mineral-based composite decking. All MBC decking offers warranty coverage for installation both in and near water, making it an ideal choice for all outdoor applications!


Voyage Decking

Best-in-class traction and no thermal expansion.

Voyage decking is the most premium offering within the mineral-based composite (MBC) technology line, and provides the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio and experiences virtually no thermal expansion. Voyage’s exceptional strength comes from its fiber-like structure, giving it the appearance of wood and the lightness of PVC – in fact, the MBC composition of Voyage is 35% lighter than traditional composites. Voyage offers bold, vertical grain variegation that closely resembles natural wood grain, giving you the beautiful aesthetic you want with the durability and strength of the best composite the market has to offer.


Profile: Grooved or Square Edge
Texture/Pattern: Variegated, Enhanced Traction
Available Lengths: 12′, 16′, 20′ with Matching Fascia
Available Widths: Multiple

Voyage Decking – Sierra
Voyage Decking – Tundra
Voyage Decking – Costa
Voyage Decking – Mesa
Voyage Decking – Khaya
Voyage Decking – Sedona

6 Beautiful Colors

Voyage decking is available in 6 colors, all offering the natural shades and vertical grain patterns of wood. Choose one, or combine several - it's all part of creating the perfect outdoor space!

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No Thermal Expansion

Voyage won't expand, warp, or buckle. It doesn't absorb moisture, so it has virtually eliminated thermal expansion and contraction. These boards won't budge, they'll just look incredible for decades.

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Advanced Traction

Voyage boasts 34% greater traction than other leading composites, promising fewer slips due to its textured embossing (which also adds to the realistic appearance of the boards).

Vault Decking

Strong, lightweight, stable decking that won’t split, sag or splinter.

Vault decking is the original mineral-based composite (MBC) line, offering an industry-leading strength-to-weight ratio that results from the fiber-like composition of the boards. The beautiful cathedral variegation is stain and scratch resistant, and has virtually no moisture absorption or thermal movement, ensuring stability in all types of weather. For a stunning composite decking option that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before, Vault decking is an extraordinary choice.


Profile: Grooved or Square Edge
Texture/Pattern: Variegated
Available Lengths: 12′, 16′, 20′ with Matching Fascia

Vault Decking – Dusk
Vault Decking – Mesquite

2 Alluring Colors

Vault decking comes in 2 colors, both with cathedral-variegation, giving your deck a truly stunning style with the realistic look of wood. Choose from the rich brown of Mesquite or the weathered gray of Dusk.

Deckorators Vault Series Decking | Deckorators No Thermal Expansion | Deckorators Rot Resistant Decking | Rot Resistant Composite Decking

No Thermal Expansion

Vault was the original MBC product line, and it set the bar for stability. It doesn't absorb moisture, and has virtually eliminated thermal expansion and contraction. These boards won't budge, they'll just look incredible for decades.

Deckorators Vault Series Decking | Deckorators Decking Strength | Strong Composite Decking | Deckorators Decking Durability

Fiber-Like Structure

Vault decking is created from fiber-like structure, similar to wood, which offers unmatched strength (translation: they're basically unbreakable) while staying lightweight and easy to handle. They're like PVC, but won't crack, split, sag, etc.

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Trailhead Decking

Robust & Stylish WPC Decking Option

Trailhead decking is the perfect combination of value and performance. This robust but stylish entry-level line of wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking comes with the standard Deckorators 25/25/25 warranty, and Russin proudly covers removal and replacement costs under the warranty. Trailhead invites you to start your next adventure in your own backyard, with natural undertones and nature-inspired colors. Featuring an embossed texture and variegation that mimics wood grain and a number of different profiles, Trailhead is an affordable decking option for those who want a touch of rugged and stunning, natural color options.


Profile: Grooved or Square Edge
Texture/Pattern: Variegated
Available Lengths: 12′, 16′, 20′ with Matching Fascia

Trailhead Decking – Ridgeline
Trailhead Decking – Pathway
Trailhead Decking – Canyon
Deckorators Trailhead Grooved Edge Decking | Deckorators Trailhead Pathway Decking | Deckorators Affordable Composite Decking | Composite Decking Distributor New York

25 Year Warranty

Deckorators offers a 25 year structural, stain & fade, and removal and replacement warranty. Russin proudly backs this warranty and covers removal and replacement costs. You can trust in the performance of Trailhead!

Deckorators Trailhead Color Options | Composite Decking Color Options | Deckorators Distributor New England

Nature-Inspired Colors

Adventure awaits! Trailhead is available in 3 deep, multi-chromatic colors, inspired by nature! These variegated colors, combined with the natural embossed texture, give this decking a rich appearance that’s anything but entry-level.

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Scratch Resistance

All Trailhead boards have a scratch-resistant polyethylene cap on three sides, which means they are exceptionally resistant to scratching, scuffing and scraping. These deck boards are here to look great for the haul.

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Picture Frame Board

Finish the edge of your deck with style.

Picture framing your deck adds a finished look that really ups the ante in modern sophistication. Deckorators Picture Frame board creates a unique contrast and adds a clean perimeter to your outdoor oasis. Picture Frame Boards are available in Dark Slate, which complements any of the Deckorators decking colors. Picture Frame Boards allow you to give your deck the boost it needs to create envy throughout the neighborhood.


Profile: Grooved 1 Edge or Square Edge
Texture/Pattern: Solid Color
Available Lengths: 21′ with Matching Fascia

Picture Frame Board — Dark Slate
Deckorators Grooved Board | Deckorators Single Side Groove | Deckorators Picture Frame Board | Deckorators Composite Decking Board

Solid and Single-Side Grooved Profiles

Integrate your picture frame boards into your grooved deck, or opt for the solid-edge profile. Either way, create the clean, crisp borders you want for a streamlined, uncluttered deck.

Deckorators Scratch Resistant Decking | Scratch Resistant Composite Decking | Composite Decking New York | Composite Decking New England

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Picture Frame Boards are as scratch, stain, mold and mildew resistant as the rest of the MBC products, ensuring your entire deck stays clean and fresh from edge to edge.

Deckorators Vault Series Decking | Deckorators Decking Strength | Strong Composite Decking | Deckorators Decking Durability

MBC Technology

Like the Voyage and Vault deck boards it frames, Picture Frame Boards are created with mineral-based composite (MBC) technology, making them ultra strong, stable and long-lasting.

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Feature Deckorators Other Composites Wood PVC

Rot Resistant

Termite/Insect Resistant

Easy to Clean

Mold & Moss Resistant

Enhanced Traction

25 Year Warranty Inclusive of Removal & Replacement

Leading Strength-to-Weight Ratio


Installation in Water

Realistic Grain Patterns


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