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Malaysian Hardwood Porch Flooring

Combine the exotic, luxurious look of high-end exotic wood with the warmth and comfort of your own home with a porch floor built from Island Decking. Boards are composed of 100% certified Malaysian hardwood, and harvested from sustainably-managed forests. Island Decking has many of the same natural properties of mahogany, including the deep reddish-brown color and the legendary fine-grained composition. Bring the look of the islands right to your floor.

Island Decking Porch Flooring

The natural beauty, durability and strength that comes only from exotic wood

Beautiful Island Decking Porch Flooring

Create the porch floor that has everything you want – deep, exotic color, exceptional durability, flexible sizes, and an affordable price! Island Decking offers very high quality for the price, making it a great value that gives you everything you want in a porch floor. It’s versatility has kept it in-demand for years, making it a top choice for homeowners looking for that exotic feel at a reasonable cost.

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Island Decking Porch Flooring | Exotic Hardwood Porch Flooring | Malaysian Hardwood Porch Flooring Distributor | Tropical Hardwood Porch Flooring Distributor

Pulled-to-Length Flexibility

Because Island Decking porch flooring boards are thin while remaining strong, you have the option of PTL boards to ensure you get exactly what you need to create the porch floor of your dreams!

Versatile Malaysian Hardwood Porch Flooring | Malaysian Hardwood Decking Distributor | Island Decking Lumber Distributor | New York & New England

Eye-Catching Color

Exotic hardwoods are prized for their reddish-brown color, and it's one of the qualities that has kept Island Decking in high demand for years. Left unfinished, the reddish-brown will age to beautiful gray - ask about Russin's pre-finishing options!

Certified Malaysian Hardwood Porch Flooring | Certified Malaysian Hardwood Decking Distributor | Island Decking Lumber Distributor | New York & New England

Natural Durability

Because exotic hardwoods like Island Decking have small cells and are considered fine-grained, they are less prone to moisture absorption, making it one of the most naturally rot-resistant woods available.

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Complementary Products to Finish the Job

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Get the look of Island Decking throughout your space, or enhance any project, with these additional Island Decking products:
  • Accent Boards
  • Outdoor - Dimensional Lumber
  • Railing Components
  • Interior & Exterior Paneling

Custom Milling Available!

Don’t see the pattern you need? Wish it was shiplap instead? This product can be custom milled to meet your needs at our in-house facility.

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Factory Finishing Available!

Wood products used outside always benefit from finishing. From oiling to staining or painting, this product can be factory finished at our in-house facility.

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