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Deckorators® Railing Systems for Unmatched Design Flexibility

When you need a railing system to add both security and style to your Deckorators® deck, you're in luck! In anticipation of that need, Deckorators created several lines of railing systems that perfectly complement any of their extraordinary decking materials. The Deckorators railing systems include all the necessary accessories, such as balusters, sconces, lighting systems and postcovers. When you choose Deckorators, you can rest assured that they've thought of everything!

Deckorators ALX Aluminum Railing | ALX Pro Series Railing | Deckorators Aluminum Railing Distributor New York | Deckorators Aluminum Railing Distributor New England

ALX Aluminum Railing Systems

Gorgeous railings made easy

Deckorators ALX series of railings includes an incredible array of aluminum railings and balusters. From classic styles to contemporary styles, you can always create the perfect railing for your deck. Aluminum railings are lightweight, durable, and come as pre-assembled panels or kits.


All standard accessories are available

ALX Contemporary
ALX Cable Rail
ALX Classic

ALX Cable Rail Series

ALX Cable railings from Deckorators are the most user-friendly system in the industry. With predetermined cable lengths and predrilled posts, it’s easy to install without the use of spools and tensioners. The series uses 316 stainless steel cable and is warranted against salt spray.

Deckorators ALX Contemporary Railing System | Deckorators Aluminum Railing System | Custom Aluminum Railings | Deckorators Distributor New England

ALX Contemporary Series

ALX Contemporary railings are a modern, minimalist design that comes as pre-assembled welded panels. Contemporary railings are available in black, white, brown, bronze and brushed titanium, as well as cable options.

Deckorators ALX Classic Railing System | Deckorators Aluminum Railing System | Powdercoat Aluminum Railings | Aluminum Railing Distributor New York

ALX Classic Series

ALX Classic railings are available in kits for easy warehouse storage. Made of powder coated aluminum, Classic railings are available in standard colors of white, brown, black and white.


Make your vision a reality

From lighting to sconces to postcovers and caps, Deckorators has all the accessories you want to perfect your deck or porch. Lighting is available in a number of colors to match ALX Railing systems, and there are a number of customizable options for infills, caps and more.


All standard accessories are available

Luna Collection Lighting by Hinkley
Deck Sconces
Stone Postcovers

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