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Exotic Hardwoods from Reliable Sources

The strength and durability of true exotic hardwoods such as ipe, red meranti and red balau are truly unmatched in the decking industry. Exotic Wood by Russin provides high-quality tropical hardwoods that come from reliable sources with responsible forestry practices. Our on-site quality control team doesn't settle, because we need to be confident that every board sold to our customers is of the quality you deserve and expect. We’re dedicated to providing only the most stunning selection of the most beautiful real wood decking products you can find. Our exotic hardwoods offer natural durability for upwards of 25 years, and have been carefully chosen to weed out defects and unwanted characteristics - in fact, we're proud to say that our team accepts significantly fewer defects than the industry standard. Choose Exotic Wood by Russin for a beautiful, responsible hardwood to make your next project shine.

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Exceptional Strength

Exotic hardwoods are legendary when it comes to strength and durability. Ipe is two times as dense and five times harder than most other wood species, and all our exotic hardwood species outperform the rest.

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Highest Grade Available

Whether you’re choosing Black Label, Kirana or Island Decking, each shipment is carefully chosen by our on-site quality control team to guarantee that it includes only the highest grade ipe boards available.

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Versatile Sourcing

We source our exotic hardwood brands from a number of trusted, reliable sources. We work with partners in Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia to bring in the highest-quality boards available.


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