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Custom Real Wood Cladding, Made In-House by Russin

Getting custom, real wood cladding with the finish you want and the weather protection you need is easier than ever with Summit, Russin’s own in-house line of custom cladding material. Our milling and finishing facilities have been creating stunning custom boards for decades, and we’ve turned that experience into a proprietary line of customizable cladding. We’ve designed a clean, modern, practical profile that meets many of the needs we often hear when creating custom board patterns. Summit is available in six different species of wood, ranging from our high-performance real wood products to our standard species, and combined with a finish of your choice to get the exact look you want. We know that any wall is more likely to fail without protection, so we’ve built a rain screen system into this profile to ensure your beautiful custom look lasts for decades!

Three Ranges Available

The Summit line comes in three different ranges - Cascade, Teton and Appalachian. Each range offers a number of species and finish options to create stunning combinations to enhance any exterior wall.

Cost-Effective Customization

We’ve created species and finish combinations that meet many of the most customization requests we see. Because we do all the work in-house, streamlining this process leads to custom work at a more affordable cost.

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Weather Protection

Proper rain screening and weather protection is critical to the lifespan of any exterior wall. That’s why we’ve built in a rain screen system, to allow for airflow and water drainage, preventing rot, mildew, mold, and other cladding perils.


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