Luxury Home-Building Trends in New Hampshire for 2023

Date: July 7, 2023 Category: Tips

In 2023, the luxury home-building landscape in New Hampshire has been witnessing an exciting transformation. From a renewed embrace of natural, sustainable materials to the development of lavish outdoor spaces and the integration of wellness amenities like saunas, new trends are redefining homeowner expectations. 

This article explores these emerging trends and illustrates how Russin, a leader in quality home-building materials, is contributing to this evolving ecosystem.

The Biophilic or “Getting Back to Nature” Design Movement

With the growing focus on sustainability and getting back to nature within the residential construction industry in New Hampshire, the use of wood has been given new appreciation and consideration. Architects and designers are leveraging the properties of wood to create spaces that are not only functional and sustainable but also deeply connected to the surrounding natural environment.

In the image above, there is a house on the right with an infinity pool and both the house and the pool overlook a mountain range.


The biophilic movement encourages the use of natural materials in building design with a specific focus on those locally sourced to reduce environmental impacts associated with transportation and to support local economies. Wood, especially from sustainably managed forests, is a key component of this trend. For those living in rural areas, the use of wood in construction and interior design offers several benefits.

Connection to Nature

The texture, color variations and scent of wood evoke the natural world and can serve to establish a strong connection with nature, a central tenet of biophilic design. It can be used in many forms such as logs, planks, veneer or reclaimed wood, each offering a different aesthetic and tactile experience.


Wood is a renewable resource, especially when sourced from well-managed forests where trees are replanted or naturally regenerated. In addition, using local wood reduces the carbon emissions related to transportation. The production process of wood products generally uses less energy compared to many other building materials, which contributes to a lower carbon footprint.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that wood interiors can have positive physiological and psychological effects that may include reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and improving concentration and recovery rates, which aligns with the biophilic movement’s focus on health and wellbeing.

Thermal and Acoustic Properties

Wood has good thermal properties, and it helps to regulate indoor temperature and contribute to energy efficiency. Its acoustic properties can also contribute to a quieter, more peaceful environment.

Local Economy Support

Using locally-sourced wood can help support local industries and economies, which is especially important in rural areas.

Moreover, wood is being used in more creative ways to infuse biophilic elements into a variety of spaces. This might include intricately carved wooden elements, textured wooden walls, timber ceilings, reclaimed wood furniture and other design features that highlight the natural beauty of the wood. It is also being combined with other natural materials like stone and glass to create diverse, multi-sensory experiences.

Russin’s Superb Selection of High-Quality Sustainable Building Materials Supports the “Getting Back to Nature” Trend

The Resurgence of Traditional, Sustainable Materials

Homeowners are showing a marked preference for wood, stone and other natural materials and recognize their aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits.

The Importance of High-End Wood for Siding, Trim, Paneling and Decking

High-end wood materials like those provided by Russin have become central to the biophilic style. They’re used extensively for siding, trim, paneling and decking to create a seamless connection between the home and its surroundings.

Siding and Trim

The photo above shows a modern cedar-wood house with a patio and forest surrounding it. On the patio there are two tables for people to sit at.


Wood siding and trim offer a timeless appeal to enhance the overall aesthetic of the home while effortlessly tying in the beauty of the outdoors to the home’s structure.


New York Western Red Cedar Paneling Distributor | Western Red Cedar Distributor | New England


Interior wood paneling gives spaces a rich and warm ambiance and infuses elegance into modern design.


Western Red Cedar Decking | New York Western Red Cedar Distributor | New England Western Red Cedar Distributor | Real Cedar Distributor


High-quality wooden decks create a cozy outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing.

Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces

The Rise of Luxury Outdoor Amenities

The New Hampshire landscape is a perfect backdrop for outdoor living, and homeowners are leveraging this by adding luxury amenities to their outdoor spaces. From outdoor kitchens to elaborate garden designs and fire pits, these types of additions are transforming backyards into outdoor retreats.

Decks Are a Key Outdoor Feature

The picture above depicts a wood deck with blue cushioned patio furniture. To the right of the picture there is a table for dining.


Decks, particularly those crafted from high-quality wood like Russin offers, have emerged as a central feature in luxury outdoor spaces. Whether used for dining, relaxation or entertainment, they serve as functional and beautiful extensions of the home to enhance both comfort and value.

The Rising Popularity of Home Wellness Spaces

The Trend of Incorporating Saunas into Luxury Homes

Wellness has become an integral part of luxury living, and New Hampshire homes are reflecting this by incorporating saunas. These personal wellness havens are designed to provide relaxation, health benefits and a touch of luxury.

Different Sauna Options from Russin

Russin has a variety of sauna options to meet different preferences and needs:

Sauna by Thermory

n the picture above there is a wooded sauna overlooking a green yard and tree line.


Discover Thermory’s sauna collection which features a unique range of heat-treated barrel saunas available throughout North America. Experience the timeless beauty and remarkable durability of authentic timber that has been enhanced through the infusion of heat and moisture. 

Designed to withstand diverse climates, these saunas perfectly complement your outdoor space. Immerse yourself in the Nordic tradition of barrel saunas and elevate your relaxation to new heights.

Auroom Saunas


Auroom offers a unique wellness experience that blends the serene ambiance of ancient forests with contemporary designs. With a range of style options available, you can easily customize your own home sauna. These ready-made choices allow you to create a combination that perfectly matches your preferences and requirements.

Custom Designs

Russin’s experts can customize a sauna to fit any space or aesthetic to ensure a seamless blend with the home’s design.

Invest in Responsible Luxury: Embrace Russin’s High-End, Sustainable Wood Products in New Hampshire

The luxury home-building trends in New Hampshire for 2023 are both a reflection and celebration of the state’s natural beauty, cultural values and lifestyle. The resurgence of high-end wood materials, enhancement of outdoor living spaces and integration of wellness elements like saunas illustrates a well-rounded approach to modern luxury.

Russin stands at the forefront of these trends and offers the finest materials and solutions for those building or renovating luxury homes. From siding, trim, paneling and decking to unique sauna options, our products cater to the refined tastes and responsible sensibilities of the discerning homeowner. Our Russin Siding Planner allows you to customize your siding design so you can build the home of your dreams.

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