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Thermory Benchmark Ash Porch Flooring


Thermory Benchmark Ash Porch Flooring

Benchmark Ash is the most natural result of Thermory’s thermal modification process. Innovative installation solutions such as JEM Joints and expansion beads not only make installation quick and painless, they also help ensure that your porch floor will lay flat and stay smooth for decades. As an added bonus, Benchmark Ash is truly stunning in color and appearance. Basically, you get everything you didn’t think you could get from real wood porch flooring.

Interested in Benchmark Ash Porch Flooring?

Thermally Modified Porch Flooring That Lasts

Thermory’s expert thermal modification process alters every board using just heat and steam to result in unequalled durability and dimensional stability. Then, through meticulous milling, exceeds your expectations for smoothness, flatness, and straightness. Thermory has sustainability built into their company values, and they’re committed to using only responsible harvesting practices, earth-friendly processes, and features that minimize waste.


Expansion Beads to Prevent Warping

Each porch flooring board has expansion beads built into it, enabling you to create the tight seams you want without risk of warping as the natural movement from (extremely minimal) moisture absorption occurs.

JEM Joints Make Installation a Breeze

Thermory porch flooring boards include JEM (Joint End Matched) Joints that free you from joist requirements. JEM Joints interlock with each other, eliminating the need for joints to rest on joists and drastically decreasing waste.

Stunning Color Evolution

Benchmark Ash is the natural results of the thermal modification process. Over time and left untreated, both will slowly turn a stunning grey. To protect the color, simply oil with a penetrating UV protectant.

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Ash Porch Flooring - 1×4 (JEM)

thermory ash silvering

Benchmark Ash color transformation.

Wood’s natural aging process is influenced by how much exposure it has to the elements. The more Benchmark Ash is exposed to UV light and rain, the faster its color will transform from brown to silver—sometimes in as little as six months. To maintain your wood’s natural color outdoors, simply treat the boards with a penetrating UV protective oil.


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