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Durable, Versatile Cedar Decking

Create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that celebrates the qualities of real wood. When you need a naturally durable, easy to work with material that's accepting of finishes and exquisitely beautiful, cedar is your answer. Russin carries one of the largest selections of Western Red Cedar decking options around, in addition to a number of Alaskan Yellow Cedar options. Each board is carefully and responsibly sourced from healthy and renewable forests, and it's so durable on its own that it never needs harsh chemicals for pressure treating - you simply get the cleanest, greenest decking option available.

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What Type of Cedar Should I Choose?

Both Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are exceptional choices. No matter which species you choose for your project, you will be getting an aromatic, beautiful, and long-lasting material that will enhance your home. So which one is right for you? Get more details about these two species on our blog.
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Western Red Cedar Decking | New York Western Red Cedar Distributor | New England Western Red Cedar Distributor | Real Cedar Distributor

Western Red Cedar Decking

Where durability meets incomparable beauty.

With Western Red Cedar decking, you get so much from a simple, natural product!  It’s known for its breathtaking beauty and color as well as its alluring scent. Western Red Cedar boards tend to lie flat and straight, making the product structurally solid and incredibly easy to work with as a decking material. All this while still being surprisingly lightweight and durable. Russin’s custom milling and factory finishing services ensure you get the very best, most functional cedar decking for your project.


Profile: Radius Edge Decking

5/4×4 Clear Cedar Decking
Grade: Clear, Mixed Grain
Net Size: 1″ x 3 1/2″
5/4×6 Clear Cedar Decking
Grade: Clear, Mixed Grain
Net Size: 1″ x 5 1/2″
5/4×4 Knotty Cedar Decking
Grade: Knotty, Smooth 4 Sides
Net Size: 1″ x 3 1/2″
5/4×6 Knotty Cedar Decking
Grade: Knotty, Smooth 4 Sides
Net Size: 1″ x 5 1/2″
Western Red Cedar Decking Color | Beautiful Real Cedar Decking | Western Red Cedar Decking Distributor | New York Cedar Distributor

Incomparable Beauty

Western Red Cedar offers a stunning array of natural colors, from reds to pinks to warm grays and browns. This beautiful variation in color makes cedar one of the most in-demand real wood decking materials available.

Western Red Cedar Decking Finishing | Real Cedar Decking Finishes | Real Cedar Decking Distributor | Cedar Decking Distributor New York

Readily Accepts Finishing

Western Red Cedar has an incredible ability to accept finishes and coatings of all types due in part to the absence of resin, making it an incredibly versatile option for your deck. Ask about Russin's finishing services!

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Naturally Rot Resistant

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and moisture...and decay, and insects, and warping. That means that when properly finished and maintained, you can expect years of stability and durability.

Western Red Cedar Decking | New York Western Red Cedar Distributor | New England Western Red Cedar Distributor | Real Cedar Distributor

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking

Ideal for natural weathering.

For a naturally durable decking material with a beautiful, uniform yellow color, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a wonderful choice. Like all cedar products, Alaskan Yellow Cedar is easy to work with and takes stain well. Where Alaskan Yellow Cedar really shines is in installation. It’s incredibly stiff with a high bending strength, and holds nails and screws better than many other species of wood. Its inherent durability and density make it ideal for a natural weathering process, transforming to a stunning aged wood appearance while retaining stability and rot resistance. For your next decking project, Alaskan Yellow Cedar can provide the easy-to-work-with beauty you’ve been looking for.


Profile: Radius Edge Decking
Length Structure: 8′ – 20′ RANDOM. EVENS ONLY

2×4 Clear Yellow Cedar
2×4 Knotty Yellow Cedar
4×4 Knotty Yellow Cedar
5/4×6 Clear Yellow Cedar Decking
5/4×6 Knotty Yellow Cedar Decking

Uniform Yellow Color

As the name suggests, Alaskan Yellow Cedar has a beautiful yellow hue. But it’s the consistency of color that really stands out. There’s very little visible difference between the heartwood and sapwood, providing uniformity all the way through.

High Density Material

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is one of the most dense species in the Hem-Fir family due to its slow growth rate. The straight, tight grain; fine texture and high bending strength all combine to make this an ideal long-lasting decking material.

Finish, or Not

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is incredibly versatile when it comes to finish. It readily accepts finishes and coatings of all types due in part to the absence of resin, but it also weathers beautifully without staining. Ask about Russin's finishing services for this versatile material!

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Feature Cedar Pressure-Treated Pine Composite (PVC & Synthetic) Ipe Thermory


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Custom Milling Available!

Don’t see the pattern you need? Wish it was shiplap instead? This product can be custom milled to meet your needs at our in-house facility.

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Wood products used outside always benefit from finishing. From oiling to staining or painting, this product can be factory finished at our in-house facility.

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