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The Best Modern Exterior Wood Cladding Options and 7 Design Ideas

Date: March 21, 2024 | Category: Product News, Tips

The 4 Best Wood Options for Exceptional Porch Flooring

Date: January 18, 2024 | Category: Product News, Tips

Not all wood is created equal, especially when it comes to the demands of a porch floor. Let’s dive into the best wood options for porch flooring and how to make a wise investment that will pay off for years to come.


Exploring Wood Siding Options: The Timeless Appeal of Cedar

Date: October 2, 2023 | Category: Product News, Tips

Cedar Siding

For numerous decades, wood cladding has been a preferred choice for home exteriors due to its durability, natural composition and its capacity to impart a sense of warmth and hospitality to any residence. Among the various wood options available for cladding, cedar is commonly recognized as a classic and durable choice.

This article will explain the advantages associated with premium cedar varieties for cladding purposes and then compare cedar with other modern materials, such as plastic, composite and fiber-cement.


Hamptons-Style Exterior House Design Ideas for 2023

Date: August 18, 2023 | Category: Product News, Tips

There’s a casual luxury found in Hamptons-style homes. They evoke both the charm of a summer beach cottage and a lifestyle of coastal sophistication. The Hamptons style manages to merge elegance and ease effortlessly, so it’s no wonder this design motif is a top choice for homeowners and designers everywhere. (more…)

What Are the Differences Between a Cedar vs. Pressure-Treated Deck?

Date: June 7, 2023 | Category: Product News

Are you looking to create a stunning outdoor living space? If so, then look no further than cedar decking.


Home Renovation Ideas in Bethesda, MD

Date: April 29, 2023 | Category: Product News

Creating a modern and stylish space in a Bethesda, MD home can be a labor of love. However, from color choice to furniture selection, putting it all together can often seem overwhelming.

So we put together our top tips and tricks for creating an aspirational home in Bethesda that is not only on trend but uniquely tailored to personal tastes.


AZEK Captivate Siding vs. Other Siding Materials

Date: October 31, 2022 | Category: Product News

Siding is a crucially important component of any home or building. After working so hard to build the internal structure and then insulating and sheathing it properly, siding will be the final step to protect the home from the exterior elements.


Like most aspects of a building, siding has traditionally been composed of wood in various forms. While wood is a great option, modern materials have been created to reduce costs, limit maintenance and extend longevity. 

Let’s take a look at some of the modern options for home siding, along with their pros and cons. Which siding material offers the best aesthetics and functional value? Keep reading to find out.


Deckorators Decking 101

Date: September 28, 2022 | Category: Product News, Tips

If we all learned anything from the 2+ years of lockdowns, it’s the value of outdoor space. Pandemic life brought forth a new appreciation for our decks, patios and screened in porches, and that appreciation is here to stay. 

Decking especially has gained fresh momentum as homeowners across the country have embraced different materials, colors and accessories to make the most of their properties.


Wood Siding vs. Hardie Board: Understanding the Differences

Date: September 19, 2022 | Category: Product News, Tips

Your neighbors’ first impressions of your home are made within a matter of seconds. From landscaping to exterior decor, these details tell a story about your home to everyone who sees it. While small details help to elevate your home’s exterior design, a major factor to consider is siding — it’s the biggest and most obvious feature people notice about a home.


All Ipe Is Not Created Equal

Date: April 8, 2022 | Category: Product News, Uncategorized

There’s More Than Meets The Eye With Tropical Hardwoods.

As a lifelong lumberman, I’m accustomed to a world of relative certainty: grades are well defined, producers play by an accepted set of rules, and you can reasonably expect to receive a product that matches what you think you bought, at the price you paid.



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