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Thermory Benchmark Clear Pine Cladding

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Thermory Benchmark Clear Pine Cladding

Benchmark Clear Pine is a thermally modified Radiata Pine species that can transform an interior space or hold its own outdoors. With its golden brown tone and stunningly knot-free face, Benchmark Clear Pine beautifully shows off its natural grain.

Interested in Benchmark Clear Pine Cladding?

In a sea of siding, stand out

Thermory interior and exterior cladding* offers unequalled rot resistance and dimensional stability, while bringing the sophistication of real wood to your walls. From the classic elegance of Benchmark Ash and Pine, to the bold look of Ignite, to the rugged outdoorsy style of Kodiak, Thermory cladding is made to make you stand out. Each board is carefully thermally modified using only heat and steam, then meticulously milled to ensure it arrives straight, flat, and ready to install. The modification process doesn't add any chemicals, additives or foreign materials to the wood - it simply enhances the natural properties of the wood fibers to leave each board even more durable, stable and beautiful than before.


Beautiful Color Evolution

The more Benchmark Clear Pine is exposed to UV light and rain, the faster its color will transform from brown to silver. To protect the original color, simply oil with a UV protectant.

Thermally Modified

Like all Thermory products, Benchmark Clear Pine is thermally modified to naturally enhance each board, with only heat and steam, for unequaled strength and stability.

Easy Installation

A lightweight and expertly milled material that will be easy on your blades and even your shoulders and back.

Product Information

Product configurations
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Clear Pine Cladding 1x6 C19 (JEM)
Net Size: .79x5.5
Install with FG Screws

Clear Pine Cladding 1x3 C7J PACS(JEM)

Clear Pine Cladding 1x3 C7J PACS(JEM)
Net Size: .79x2.5
Install with PaCS Alu Rail Cladding Strip


Clear Pine Cladding Standard Stock 1x6 (JEM)
Net Size: .79x5.4
Install with FG Screws


Clear Pine Cladding 1x6 CAR3 Stripes


Clear Pine Cladding 1x6 C87 V-Groove (JEM)
Net Size: .79x5.4
Install with FG Screws


Benchmark Clear Pine color transformation.

Wood’s natural aging process is influenced by how much exposure it has to the elements. The more Benchmark Clear Pine is exposed to UV light and rain, the faster its color will transform from brown to silver—sometimes in as little as six months. To maintain your wood’s natural color outdoors, due to it’s especially porous nature, it’s encouraged to treat all four sides of any Benchmark Clear Pine board with a penetrating UV protective oil.


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