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Kodiak Cladding

Rot Resistant Spruce Cladding | Thermally Modified Spruce Siding | Rustic Spruce Siding
Modern Spruce Cladding | Real Wood Modern Cladding | Loft Wood Cladding
Rot Resistant Spruce Cladding | Thermally Modified Spruce Siding | Rustic Spruce Siding
Modern Spruce Cladding | Real Wood Modern Cladding | Loft Wood Cladding

Kodiak Cladding

Kodiak cladding combines the rugged textures of the wilderness with the refinement that Thermory is known for. Kodiak cladding comes in 8 inch boards, creating a clean, modern look that installs in less time with fewer seams. Each board has been brushed for a controlled rough-sawn texture, bringing a little bit of ruggedness to your walls.

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Kodiak: Ruler Of The Forest

Deep in the forest, Kodiak reigns. See these big, bold, rugged boards in their natural environment.

Rugged Texture

Kodiak gives you the rugged allure of the wilderness, with a brushed texture that leaves raised grain without roughness or splinters - a little rugged, but still splinter-free.

Thermally Modified

Like all Thermory products, Kodiak is thermally modified before it's finished, leaving each board exceptionally rot resistant, stable and long-lasting.

The Look of Heartwood

The thermal modification process creates a uniform color across each board - eliminating the look of sapwood, so instead you get the appearance of heartwood from edge to edge - the best aesthetic that spruce has to offer.

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Kodiak Cladding – 1 X 8 Grooved C15 (JEM)
Net Size: 0.79×7.3


Kodiak Cladding – 1 X 9 Grooved C15 (JEM)
Net Size: 0.79×8.3

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Feature Kodiak Cedar High-End Composite (PVC & Synthetic)


Real Wood

Rot Resistant (25+)

Dimensionally Stable

Easy to Install


Earth Friendly

8″ Wide Boards

Rugged Texture

No Visible Sapwood

No Visible Sapwood

A two-story brick home with a two-car garage. There is a basketball hoop outside on the paved driveway.

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