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Porcelain Deck Tiles that Replace Composites

Mbrico deck tiles aren't an improved composite decking material - it's a completely new take on the idea of durable, beautiful decking. Mbrico offers the industry's first complete, comprehensive, ready-to-install, grout-free tile decking system. Did you get all that? It's also simple, strong and cost-effective. Tiles are crafted out of high-quality Italian porcelain stoneware, making them perfect for interior or exterior applications. If you've been looking for an alternative to wood, composite, or wood-like decking boards, Mbrico porcelain tiles offer everything you need in a unique way. 

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Innovative Installation

Mbrico deck tiles are easy to install with their self-spacing mechanical fasteners - creating an interlocking, free-draining membrane that's resistant to wind lift-up. Mbrico can be installed on any type of framing system.

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High Weight Capacity

Each deck slab can bear a load of up to 3200 pounds - making Mbrico tiles one of the strongest, sturdiest decking options on the market.

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Anti-Slip Textures

Mbrico deck tiles are ADA-approved skid-resistant. That means whether you install indoors or outdoors, tiles maintain normal friction and help prevent slipping.

Install Your New Mbrico Tile Deck

Mbrico offers a premium porcelain tile system with a better design and easier installation. There are several features that enable a seamless assembly including integral straight edges, stainless steel track screws and a grout-free construction.

Learn how to properly install your Mbrico tile decking on conventional code framing.

MBrico Stone Effect Deck Tiles | Stone Deck Tiles | MBrico Stone Effect Decking | MBrico Distributor New England

Effect – Stone

Mbrico deck tiles in the stone family of effects are inspired by nature, offering a vast array of variations of natural stone and mineral looks. With a range of variation levels, stone effect tiles have elegant nuances, broad chromatic range, and are the perfect complement to any design aesthetic – from contemporary to classic, from minimal to opulent, and everything in between.

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Effect – Concrete

Mbrico tiles in the concrete family of effects offer a simple, neutral and extremely versatile aesthetic. With a color range from whites to cool and warm greys to earthy browns, the streamlined appearance of cement or concrete is ideal for an industrial, functional design for both residential and commercial applications. Concrete effect tiles bring an unmistakably modern style to any project, bringing an urban appeal to any project.

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Effect – Wood

Mbrico tiles in the wood family of effects offer the beautiful appearance of wood, with the resilient properties of porcelain. These tiles are where natural meets urban, combining timeless appeal with metropolitan touches.  With natural-looking grain colors from white to yellow to brown based, wood effect tiles have carefully crafted details that offer a brilliant new take for any setting or style in need of a natural, earthy element without sacrificing modern design.

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Feature MBrico Deck Tiles Vinyl High-End Composites Wood

Scratch and dent resistant

Termite and insect resistant

Frost resistant

Thermal shock resistant

Color stability

High weight capacity

Easy to clean

Mold and moss resistant

Easy to install

Stain resistant

Indoor and outdoor applications

Anti slip

Chemical resistant

Wind Up-Lift resistant

Flame resistant


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