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Thermally Modified Decking with Rot Resistance to the Core

Thermory's expert thermal modification process results in deck boards that are rot resistant to the core, offering up 25+ years of rot resistance. Meticulous milling leaves each board ready for use, and innovative solutions such as PaCS and JEM Joints make installation a breeze. Each board is harvested from naturally-renewing forests, and modified using only heat, steam, and certified wood scientists, creating a sustainable real wood deck that is both stunningly beautiful and unequalled in durability. 

Benchmark Ash Decking

Our Benchmark White Ash decking comes with a 25+ year rot resistance rating and is your ultimate hardwood decking solution.

Thermory Benchmark Ash Decking

Thermory Benchmark Ash is the most natural result of the process of thermally modifying white ash boards. Benchmark Ash decking and cladding offers deep, rich brown color, a Class 1 Durability rating for 25+ years of rot resistance, and a silky smooth texture. Get the timeless, sophisticated look you want with the longevity and stability you need with Benchmark Ash.

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Thermory Ash Decking JEM Joint Installation | Thermory Decking Installation | Thermally Modified Wood Porch Flooring Distributor

JEM Joints Make Installation a Breeze

Many Benchmark Ash decking profiles include JEM (Joint End Matched) Joints that free you from joist requirements. JEM Joints interlock with each other, eliminating the need for joints to rest on joists and drastically decreasing waste.

Thermory Aged Ash Color Evolution | Aging Of Thermally Modified Wood

Stunning Color Evolution

Benchmark Ash is a deep, rich chocolate brown color- the natural result of the thermal modification process. Over time and left untreated, it will slowly turn a stunning grey. To protect the color, simply oil with a UV protectant.

Thermory Decking Modification Process | Heat and Steam Wood Modification | Rot Resistant Decking

25+ Years of Rot Resistance

Benchmark Ash has been awarded Class 1 Durability, meaning it offers 25+ years of rot resistance. This is due to the incredible durability and stability created through the thermal modification process.

Benchmark Pine Decking

Our Benchmark Scots Pine decking comes with a 20+ year rot resistance rating and redefines expectations for softwood decking.

Benchmark Pine Decking

Thermory Benchmark Pine decking and cladding redefines expectations for softwood. This thermally modified Scots pine product offers a smooth texture, decades of rot resistance and the beautiful look of heartwood from edge to edge (a natural result of the modification process). Benchmark Pine offers the stunning look of real pine, with durability that’s unequalled in the softwood market.

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Thermory Decking Consistent Pine Color | Thermory Benchmark Pine Distributor | Heartwood Pine

The Look of Heartwood

The thermal modification process creates a uniform color across each board - eliminating the look of sapwood, so instead you get the appearance of heartwood from edge to edge - the best aesthetic that pine has to offer.

Thermory Pine Decking Color Evolution | Thermally Modified Pine Decking Color Evolution

Stunning Color Evolution

Benchmark Pine is a rich golden brown color- the natural result of the thermal modification process. Over time and left untreated, it will slowly turn a stunning grey. To protect the color, simply oil with a UV protectant.

Thermally Modified Pine Process | Heat and Steam | Rot Resistant Decking

20+ Years of Rot Resistance

Benchmark Pine consistently offers 20+ years of rot resistance - leading the softwood market in durability. This is due to the incredible durability and stability created through the thermal modification process.

Kodiak Decking

Extra wide, rugged spruce boards to bring the allure of the wilderness with 25+ years of rot resistance and stability.

Kodiak Decking

Kodiak by Thermory is extra-wide spruce decking that’s a little more rugged than your average board. Knotted spruce is brushed for texture, and the extra-wide boards give your project fewer seams for a bolder look. Like all Thermory wood, Kodiak is thermally modified to offer 25+ years of rot resistance, with a high level of dimensional stability and the rich, beautiful color of spruce at its best.

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Extra Wide Spruce Decking | Thermally Modified Spruce Decking | Thermory Decking

Extra-Wide Boards

Kodiak Decking comes in 8" widths, making it among the widest real wood deck boards on the market. This means fewer seams for a cleaner, more modern look.

Thermory Kodiak Decking Installation | Easy Installation | Thermory Spruce Decking Distributor

Easy Installation

The thermal modification process leaves Kodiak so stable, even these extra-wide boards can be installed with a hidden clip system!

Thermory Kodiak Texture | Spruce Decking Texture | Thermally Modified Spruce Decking

Rugged Texture

Kodiak gives you the rugged allure of the wilderness, with a brushed texture that leaves raised grain without roughness or splinters - a little rugged, but still barefoot-friendly.

Kodiak: Ruler Of The Forest

Deep in the forest, Kodiak reigns. See these big, bold, rugged boards in their natural environment.

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Custom Milling Available!

Don’t see the pattern you need? Wish it was shiplap instead? This product can be custom milled to meet your needs at our in-house facility.

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Factory Finishing Available!

Wood products used outside always benefit from finishing. From oiling to staining or painting, this product can be factory finished at our in-house facility.

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