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Stunning Western Red Cedar Paneling

Western Red Cedar paneling from Russin is the natural choice for your indoor and outdoor paneling needs. It’s naturally rot resistant and offers a cellular structure that makes it a natural thermal and sound insulator. Western Red Cedar has an instantly recognizable scent, rich color and exceptional durability and insulating properties. With an enormous array of sizes and grades stocked and Russin’s ability to execute factory finishing and custom milling in-house, Western Red Cedar from Russin delivers everything you want for your walls.

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Your options are endless. If you need it, we can provide it!
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Cedar requires finishing. We do it in-house.
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Our in-house mill can make any pattern you need.

Cedar Paneling

Western Red Cedar paneling is as practical as it is beautiful; as flexible as it is timeless. Russin offers a wide variety of grades, grains, and profiles – or you can request a different pattern from our custom milling facility – and enjoy the best paneling material nature has to offer with the confidence that comes from purchasing from Russin.

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Readily Accepts Finishing

Western Red Cedar has an incredible ability to accept finishes and coatings of all types due in part to the absence of resin, making it an incredibly versatile option for your walls. Ask about Russin's finishing services!

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Natural Insulator

Western Red Cedar is a natural thermal insulator, helping lower energy costs by keeping heat inside and cold outside. It's also a great natural sound barrier, which is just another reason it's an ideal interior or exterior siding option.

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Wide Array of Options

Russin carries a huge variety of Western Red Cedar products, including several grades and grain configurations, and lengths from 3' to 20'. Combined with our finishing and milling capabilities, your cedar options are unlimited!


Available in Tongue & Groove, Shiplap, Channel Rustic, Board and Batten and More
Custom Sizes and Profiles Made Easy!

Tongue and Groove
1x4 through 1x8
Clear and Knotty Grades, Smooth & Rough Surfacing
V-Joint, Centermatch and Nickel Gap
1x6 and 1x8
Clear and Knotty Grades, Smooth & Rough Surfacing
Flush Joint and Nickel Gap
Channel Rustic
1x8 and 1x10
Typically Select Knotty, Rough Surfaced 1” Channel Reveal

The Vale Cedar Paneling

Discover What’s Next in Sustainability

If you’re looking for real wood paneling that’s both beautiful and offers more stability than standard lumber, The Vale cedar paneling can provide everything you need. This engineered paneling product is made out of 100% Western Red Cedar tongue and groove panels with jointed and edge glued backs. What gives The Vale its remarkable stability is its jointed composition, which combines smaller pieces of lumber to create a full-size board. Not only does this result in exceptional cup and twist resistance, but it also helps eliminate waste of a precious (and desirable) natural resource. Choose The Vale and make a sustainable choice that gives you more of what matters in your paneling.

Superior Stability

With jointed and edge glued back, The Vale cedar siding is an engineered product that offers a higher quality grade plus more strength and stability than a solid piece of cedar. It offers better cup and twist resistance while remaining easy to work with and ready for finishing.

Highly Sustainable

The Vale is a more sustainable alternative to solid wood or composites because the line uses pieces of lumber that normally would go to waste. Each time you purchase The Vale, you are extending the life of the forest floor.

100% Western Red Cedar

The Vale is crafted out of 100% real Western Red Cedar, which is considered one of the premium softwood species for interior and exterior applications because of its natural durability and thermal conductivity resulting in a Class 2 Flame Spread rating.


Available in Nickel Gap and V-Joint profiles

Engineered Tongue and Groove Siding
1x4 and 1x6

Custom Milling Available!

Don’t see the pattern you need? Wish it was shiplap instead? This product can be custom milled to meet your needs at our in-house facility.

Learn More

Factory Finishing Available!

Wood products used outside always benefit from finishing. From oiling to staining or painting, this product can be factory finished at our in-house facility.

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Russin has been owned and operated by the Russin family for three generations. That means we treat everyone here like family, including you.

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